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Sniping is officially possible when you have a SAR12c  on the paintball field. Add a  Supremacy Scope and its just not fair” - Lex Lu
Have a question or comment? More than likely, you’re not the first customer to have such a question. Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question and don’t see it listed, check out Carmatech Owners Page on Facebook, which is populated by many of our most knowledgeable customers. Once on the Carmatech Owners Facebook Page, feel Free to look through the page history, or drop a comment to get  answers by either us or our customers. That being said if you prefer confidentiality, please feel free to Email Us directly.  FAQs How long does it take for my order to ship? Typically we ship rifles in 4-6 weeks. Each and every SAR12C is hand built by David Williams, the engineer that designed the rifle. Our customers demand perfection, and his goal is to make each and every rifle function as expected. After building each rifle, it is then fitted with optics (if ordered), zeroed at 45 yards, then testing with brand new First Strike rounds. Each shot is chronographed and shot grouping is inspected. The marker is then broke down and placed in shipping container to be shipped to you, not stored on a shelf. I heard the SAR12 paintball sniper rifle won both 2013 ODX Spring and Fall Top Paintball Sniper Challenges, and the 2014 ODX Top Sniper Challenge. What was the best range achieved in those competitions? The SAR12 won both top paintball sniper competitions in 2013, and the only sniper event held for 2014.. The inaugural event took place at Command Decisions Wargames Center in April 2013, where the SAR12 placed 5 shots in a row in a 12x12 inch group at 100 yards, and 24 shots in a row on a target at 74 yards. All First Strike capable marker manufacturers were being represented throughout the teams participating. No other manufactures equipment hit the 70 or 100 yard targets. This superiority at range was demonstrated at subsequent events. The SAR12 platform has set a new standard for paintball snipers in 2013, and has brought validation to the position. I heard the SAR12 won 2013 Marker of the Year? Where can I see this for myself? The SAR12 was awarded marker of the year by APG paintball magazines annual Buyers Guide. APG is a print magazine dedicated to paintball. You can find it at major news stands. Paintball expert Kristen Kleist offers an in depth article on the SAR12 in the 2013 Paintball Buyers Guide. Be sure to pick up a copy before it is gone. Does the SAR12C come with the Bolt Action and Semi Auto Engine? The SAR12C comes with the Bolt Action Engine only, and the SAR12C SASS is Semi Auto. Both engines can be purchased at a later date if desired. Can other magazines work in the SAR12? At this time we have designed mag adapters for both the Zeta Mag and the Tiberius Arms T15. Both magwell adapter 3d models are available for free download on thing-a-verse, and can be 3d printed for use. What is the effective range of the SAR12? The effective range is 40- 125 yards. Six shots inside a six inch group at 111 yards, was achieved by Stephen Ness at the Fall 2013 ODX Sniper Competition. Lou Arthur and Jonathan Mark Fanslau share the record for in game confirmed shots at 119 yards each. They were both shooting with a muzzle velocity of 280 fps. If I change the barrel or air system will this void my warranty? You can change the cocker threaded barrel and air system as you wish. Is the SAR12 made in the USA or just assembled in the USA? The Carmatech Engineering SAR12C was designed in Bluffton Indiana, with all metal machining, and finishing completed just north in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Most of our plastic components come from vendors located either in Fort Wayne or North West Ohio, and the Hammerhead barrels come from Texas. All the components come together back in Bluffton to be hand assembled. Can the SAR12 shoot normal paintballs and First Strike rounds? Yes, it can shoot both rounds. You must be sure what rounds are allowed at the field you are going to play at. Higher end .68 cal paintballs are recommended. Low-grade paint is not recommended. Is the SAR12 a mechanical gun or an electric marker? The SAR is a mechanical operated marker. No batteries required. Where can I get my SAR12 fixed if it goes down? Your local pro shop can get it fixed if they have been trained by one of our staff. On the East Coast we have a warranty center in Miami and North Carolina. Our headquarters in Indiana is our main warranty center. On the West Coast we will have a warranty center in Van Nuys, CA. How do I store my SAR12? Keep it in a gun bag or gun case for safe keeping. Do not keep it in your car or truck. You should store it in a closet or garage. Do not take it to places where paintball guns are not accepted. Be careful it looks like a real gun. What if I break a ball in my SAR12? You can either use a pull through squeegee through the breach or you can use a stick squeegee down the barrel. Some players just shoot through it. What is the output pressure my air system needs to be at? We recommend 500psi output. Be sure to know what your regulator is set at prior to use. Can I install tactical rails on my SAR12? Yes, our foregrip was designed to accept Magpul MOE rails with the screws and washers. No drilling required. Can I paint my SAR12? Yes, there are numerous professional companies that do this as well. Send us a picture when you are done. We might just post it up and give you credit. Is it to late to join the BTT? Yes, it is. Our BTT is an elite group of testers/players who have joined the Carmatech family early on. If you want to be placed on a waiting list email us so we can put you on a list. Can my local dealer or field carry the SAR12? As long as the SAR12 is legal in your area your local dealer can carry it. Have them contact us and we can look into setting them up as an official dealer. What is the FPS range of the SAR12? The FPS range is 260-325 FPS. It is completely adjustable with a twist of an allen wrench. Can I get a SAR12 in different colors? Yes, you can. You can order it in any color combo you choose. We will price it out and let you know how much it costs to build it your way. We can also custom laser the upper receiver for a small fee. Is the M16 grip removable? Yes, you can replace it with most M4 or M16 grips on the market. Can I buy extra magazines when I purchase my SAR12? Yes, you can buy as many as you think you need. Most players want at least 4 magazines. Does the SAR12 have a Facebook Fan Page? Yes. Carmatech Owners Facebook Page. Are there specific pouches available for the SAR12 magazine? Yes, MAG (Military Assault Gear) has some high quality magazine pouches available and other companies have some pouches in development. Warranty Information Carmatech Engineering Inc. pneumatic (air) rifles are warranted for a period of ten years from the original purchase date. Our obligation to the original purchaser shall be to repair or replace, at our expense (not including shipping charges) a defective rifle if returned by the original purchaser within ten years from the date of purchase, all incoming shipping charges prepaid. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER DEFECTS OR DAMAGES TO THE RIFLE (i) after the warranty period expires; (ii) resulting from misuse or abnormal operation; (iii) resulting from a failure to properly lubricate, maintain or operate the rifle; or (iv) resulting from any repair or maintenance services performed by any party other than CARMATECH ENGINEERING INC. or an authorized ProShop certified by Carmatech Engineering to provide repair and maintenance services for the rifle. Disclaimer of Liability: Carmatech Engineering and its owners assume no responsibility for damage and/or injury caused in whole or in part by use of its products. Under no circumstance shall Carmatech be held responsible for incidental or consequential damages with respect to economic loss or injury to property arising out of neglect use of its products including unsafe handling or unauthorized modifications to its products. Carmatech will not be responsible for the results of carless handling, unauthorized repairs and adjustments, corrosion, neglect, or unreasonable use (ordinary wear and tear excepted). Some states do not allow the exclusion of limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the limitations above may not apply to you.