Have a question or comment? More than likely, you’re not the first customer to have such a question. Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question and don’t see it listed, check out Carmatech Owners Page on Facebook, which is populated by many of our most knowledgeable customers. Once on the Carmatech Owners Facebook Page, feel Free to look through the page history, or drop a comment to get answers by either us or our customers. That being said if you prefer confidentiality, please feel free to EMAIL US directly.

Typically in the past, we ship rifles in 2-12 weeks; however, with improved inventory management and adding employee(s) our lead time is getting shorter by the day. Our customers demand perfection, and our goal is to make each and every rifle function beyond expectation. After building each rifle, it is then fitted with optics (if ordered), zeroed at 45 yards, then testing. The marker is then broke down and placed in shipping container to be shipped to you, not stored on a shelf.

The goal of building this advanced website was to control inventory and limit customers from purchasing out of stock products. If we are doing our job properly, customers won't be capable of purchasing out of stock products, thus we should be shipping orders within 24-48 hours.

The SAR12C comes with the Bolt Action Engine only, and the SAR12C SASS is Semi Auto. Both engines can be purchased at a later date if desired.

The effective range is 40- 125 yards. Six shots inside a six inch group at 111 yards, was achieved by Stephen Ness at the Fall 2013 ODX Sniper Competition. Lou Arthur and Jonathan Mark Fanslau share the record for in game confirmed shots at 119 yards each. They were both shooting with a muzzle velocity of 280 fps.

The Carmatech Engineering SAR12C was designed in Bluffton Indiana, with all metal machining, and finishing completed just north in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Most of our plastic components come from vendors located either in Fort Wayne or North West Ohio, and the Nemesis barrels come from the Fort Wayne area as well. All the components come together back in Bluffton to be hand assembled.

You can change the cocker threaded barrel and air system as you wish; however, we require that the player limit the output pressure of the air system to 550 psi

Yes, it can shoot both rounds. You must be sure what rounds are allowed at the field you are going to play at. Higher end .68 cal paintballs are recommended. Low-grade paint is not recommended.

We use high quality orings and seals; however, issues can come about. In that case, any paintball proshop can service and maintain the air rifles.